Our Story

We are three dance enthusiasts living in New Orleans, who teach social dance professionally to all ages and levels, organize dance competitions and challenges, own and operate a dance school specializing in partner dance, and hope to spread the love of social dancing - with all its benefits - to you and yours.

We worked for six years, before our last successful five, in a neighboring Parish, implementing a effective dance program that was very similar to this, now highly successful, one, but slightly different: It suffered from two FLAWS...

When other schools approached our program, wanting to participate, we were unable to accommodate them for two reasons:

1. Either budgetary restrictions meant poorer schools could not afford the hiring of dance teachers needed to sufficiently implement the program, or

2. Countless schools wanted to participate but couldn't because they lived too far away from the city.

As a result, we developed a NEW program: The MindSteppers Schoolroom Dance Program, where schools do not pay for outside teachers's wages, and where a school anywhere in the country - or even the world - can receive a full partner dance experience for their students, just from watching videos beforehand. 

The MindSteppers Team

Nathalie Gomes Adams

Nathalie was born in France where she grew up and first learned to dance at the age of 11. She graduated from College with a Masters in International Relations. She has now been living in the US since 1994 and became a 3-time World Swing Dance Champion. Nathalie’s has also taught and performed in 23 countries. When she first moved to NYC, she became the Advisor of the Ballroom Dance Club at NYU and worked for Pierre Dulaine and his Dancing Classrooms program which was featured in the documentary Mad Hot Ballroom and inspired the movie Take The Lead starring Antonio Banderas. Upon moving to New Orleans, she created a Social Dance Program in Jefferson Parish Public School System and supervised it for its first 6 years of existence. The last year, more than 700 children learn to dance weekly.

laura manning

Laura is a lover of and specialist in dances of the early 20th century variety; an event co-ordinator, instructor and choreographer of Swing, early Jazz, Charleston and Partner dances and their presentation. She is co-creator of the Chorus Girl Project New Orleans and a Swing Dance instructor at Dance Quarter, New Orleans' premier social dance studio. Personable and down to earth, Laura is esteemed for her distinctive, rhythmic dance styling, her amicability, professionalism and acuity when working with others, and for the joy and spirit she brings to all aspects of her working life, from writing scripts, creating and producing shows, to dancing, teaching and performing. She loves her students and she loves her home, New Orleans.

craig adams

Craig is a man without a bio. He is going to explain how awesome he is here.