Studies show that partner dance is amazing for young people's development, physical health, and mental longevity. 

And yet its instruction is typically prohibitively expensive while only capable of affecting small numbers of students. 

So we've developed a simple program to get as many children dancing as we can - that gets school kids up and dancing well, quickly and with ease - that is remarkably economically viable - and that is a ton of fun!

Schools love us. Please read on to learn more about why, how we can enhance the lives of the children in your care, and how to become the newest member of this partner dance teaching phenomenon.


Three Components to mix and match.

online videos

We'll have you and your students dancing swing, salsa, tango, merengue, and waltz in no time - at your own speed, suited to YOUR scheduling and curriculum needs.

Our most popular component!

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in-person workshops

Come visit us, or have us come visit you!

We can teach, assist, and guide, depending on your school's particular needs.

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dance championship

The MindSteppers Dance Championship is held at the end of each school year in New Orleans, LA. 

As a MindSteppers member, your school is invited to participate.

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Minimal expense.

Maximum results.

Together, we can improve your students'...

  • self-confidence
  • sociability
  • cultural awareness
  • athleticism
  • finesse

...simply by learning how to dance with a partner!

These claims aren't just based on our personal experience, they're backed by research and our participating schools' testimonies.

Unlike other dance programs, ours keeps costs low.

Because we teach YOU to teach your students, there are no outside dance teachers to pay.

Once your school has a trained teacher - and we promise it's not hard! - your school can keep on implementing the program. This means there are no limits on how many students participate, and you fit it to work with YOUR schedule.

It's YOUR program!