Hit Play and learn!

Here's how it works:

Up to two 'members' from your school are able to access our online dance classes. A 'member' can be anyone formerly assigned by the school - a teacher, aide, designated parent, administrator, coach, etc. 

The assigned members watch and learn from the program's videos:

  • Merengue
  • Salsa
  • Swing
  • Tango
  • Waltz

They then take what they've learned into the classroom! 


All you need is an open floor and a speaker! 

If you have classroom, gym, cafeteria, auditorium, or playground access, you now have a partner dance program on your hands!

We Provide Assistance!

Cheat sheets for each style of dance

These cards, one for each style of dance, enable teachers, while in class, to check for common mistakes, to remind them of all dance steps to cover, and to include points of reference where appropriate - quickly and easily.


We provide songs for practicing. AND we suggest bands and cds to inspire.

Reference material

To supplement the learning, handouts and posters about the different dance styles' origins, characteristics, cultures, etc. are provided.

Easy to follow videos

The videos are VERY clear. They provide tips, show both the leaders' and followers' perspectives, have clear practice instructions, and will help you every step of the way.


Where & How does the program fit into a school's schedule?

The teaching can happen wherever you would like it implemented. Our teachers and we most frequently teach it during the following classes:

  • Physical Education Period
  • Language Class
  • Music Class
  • After school

We know there are so many different schedules and curriculums nationwide. So we've made the program to suit you and your school's needs.

There are five styles of dance taught. Each one requires roughly four hour of class time, no matter the grade, and so the whole program is typically completed after twenty hours.

But you and your students won't want to stop just there...!

Keep going!

Once the students have learned their dances, you get to decide what more to do!

  • Hold a school social dance
  • Join forces with other participating schools
  • Choreograph a routine for a school recital
  • Perform locally
  • Prepare for the MindSteppers Dance Championship in New Orleans, LA